Barrel Racing (Summer/Outdoor Season Only)
Bull Riding For All Skill Levels - Youth Events Including Sheep & Calf Riding!
Free Pony rides & line dancing with DJ during intermission
Group Rates of $1 off adult admission available for Parties of 15 or More!!
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Mutton Bustin (sheep riding) is a popular event at Fox Hollow Rodeo each week as our younger cowboys and cowgirls try their hand at riding a sheep across the arena. Each week, the rider that is judged as having the best ride is awarded a belt buckle. The recommended age for mutton bustin is 4 years (or 40 lbs) to 7 years old (65 lb max. weight. Note: This is beginner level sheep riding. The minimum requirements for Jr. Calf riding is 7 yrs old and/or weighing at least 65 lbs. The cost for each child competing is $10. Protective gear is provided at no additional charge.

Jr. & Sr. Calf Riding Divisions have been added to the Rodeo program. The riders in each division will receive 25 points each week they compete plus the score awarded by the judges for a qualified 6 second ride. The contestants in each division with the highest total points at the end of the season will be awarded a championship belt buckle. Weekly winners in the Sr. Division will win $30 and the Jr. Division winner will receive $20.

Youth events start at 6:45. Please arrive 20-30 minutes early to allow time for registration. Rides are limited to the number of sheep and calves available at the time of the event and registration is taken on a first come first served basis.
The rodeo starts with the childrens sheep riding and calf riding at 6:30 p.m. (registration begins at 6:00) and is followed by Jackpot and Novice bull riding at 7:00. All bull riders must be registered and signed in by 6:45 p.m. All riders must pay for admission in addition to entry fees (Jackpot Bull Riders excluded).

Anyone under the age of 18 wanting to participate in rodeo events must have a parent or documented legal guardian accompany them and complete a Minor Participation Waiver (waiver must be notarized if parents are NOT with participant at the time of registration). Valid photo I.D. required. Note: Grandparents, siblings and other family members cannot assume responsibility and may not sign minor waiver.